>A substitute for the bachelorette veil

And I think most girls will agree, If youre married and had a bachelorette party, what did you have to wear or put on yourself for people to indicate that you are the Bachelorette in honor???
Well, mine was a faux veil, decorated with blinking plastic penises. Haha! I mean I loved it cuz my girls enjoyed seeing me in it! (and honestly, I think that’s the main purpose of the last “girl’s night out”) So your girlfriends can put you in a naughty awkward position for the last time and have a blast doing it!
So, I asked my self, what else could a girl wear that will tell people she is the bride to be, and look cute doing it? And I realized, a GARTER! like a veil, it’s something that a bride wears on the wedding day, but it’s more fun because it could be in different colors and it’ll probably look cuter underneath a dress, and your girlfriends can wear them too! Dual purpose, it will serve as an indication that they belong to your party and it’s a keepsake for all of you! Cute right? Well I wish I thought about this when I was getting married, lucky for my friends now, (but I gotta wait till one of them gets engaged!) So, I made a sample, this is now a part of my Boudoir Collection” This set is in Pink and Black satin, the bride’s is gonna be a wide 1 1/2″ and the girlfriend’s are gonna be 3/4″ they are matching so they are equally hot!!!

>My first production


Our niece Rakayla is turning 7, and her parents want to give her a pretty big party, I obviously volunteered to do a few things, mainly the invitations and some decorations. I designed a tinkerbell themed, petal style 5 x 5 cover in petallic green, holding a purple cardstock layered in white cotton text invitation, then added a flower cut cardstock that gives guests information on the “taco man serving time”. I also added gold star shaped confetti, so when guests open the invitation there will be a little burst of pixie dust like shower. Cute! cute! cute! I think! Can’t wait to hear what people think about it! Oh, and Rakayla loved it!

>Getting started

>I have always been fascinated by anything that involved prepararions for events, as a young girl I enjoyed helping my mom make our own christmas tree ornaments, and I was always happy to finish crafty projects for school. I also dreamed of owning my own business. Almost two and a half years ago,when I became engaged, We started planning our wedding and I realized that this was the industry I want to be in. I enjoyed every single bit of it, and I had to somehow live my working life around it. So I started taking wedding planning classes, and soon realized what part I wanted to play in this business. As much as I enjoyed coordinating, I dont wanna be in charge of that whole thing, I remember seeing my own wedding planner during the my wedding and I just remember saying “I dont wanna be her”. Not that she did an awfull job, it just seemed hectic and she had was responsible for the whole thing. I guess the thought of being responsible for the whole thing is what intimidates me… But that’s not always a bad thing, I see it as- it’s just not for me. Hence the use of my talented hands, and creative mind (lol) Will serve me better. So here I am, getting started on designing a few invitations, party favors and souveniers. It’s a start! and I’m very excited about it, I can finally put into action the things that’s been crammed in my head!


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