>DIY- 3 IN 1 party favor


I’ve always thought that party favors should be inexpensive, cute and most of all functional, not like how back then you’d get like a figurine of something and you would’nt know what to do with it. So, for my wedding I wanted to come up with something that will be usefull on my guest table, (something that will support the decor)and something that will be usefull to the guests, then I thought, what if it could also be an escort card? At that time I already had votive candles in mind. I was gonna place them on an escort card table and arrange them just like how escort cards are normally arranged, the glass votive holders will have a strip of paper in it containing the guest name and table number, arranged alphabetically so guests won’t have a hard time finding it. Guests then take the votive candles to their tables, they can light it up for added glimmer, and then they can place it in a box thats already waiting there, as a souvenier of the nights experience! Inexpensive and functional! Well I ended up doing something else for my favors, since it was an out of the country wedding. I didnt want to take over a hundred glass votives in my luggage. So I’ve decided to just put it here, and hopefully someone else may find it a great idea, and use it. If youre gonna try it out, goodluck and have fun!

Glass Votive Candles (a requirement for most venues, esp. if it’s gonna be lit up)
tea light candles (both from ikea, less than $3 for 6 votives)


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