>We Love pets!

Here at Souverazzi, we are pet lovers. You’ll be happy to know that by choosing us, you are helping us be able to donate and help shelter animals. We do not have a particular non-profit that we donate to, but we try our best to use the money we have on anything that will help animals. For instance, the stamps that we use for our postcards, instaed of buying (cheaper) stamps for postcards, we purchased the Animal Rescue Stamps, that helps buy foods for shelter pets. Ellen Degeneres is actually supporting this by providing 1 Million foods for Shelter Pets through her own Pet Food Company Halo!
So, By choosing us, you are helping us be in the position to keep helping these unfortunate animals. If ou are thinking of adding pets to your family, Adoption should be the only option, I have 3 myself, and they are my blessings from God! They make us so happy!
You can get these stamps from your local USPS, but they might be out already, I have checked 4 USPS around my area and they were all gone, but you can still get them here, I think this will only be available for a couple of more weeks. Please tell everyone you know, this is such a great idea. Your’e actually helping lives by buying something you were gonna buy anyway! Thank you!


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